Xero Certified Advisors

As a small business owner, you need accounting and bookkeeping software to handle your to-do list and make your daily business activities more manageable. It’s called Xero software. The cloud-based accounting program is perceptive, intuitive, and forward-thinking. Xero is primarily intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. You can also look for the Xero Certified Advisors to achieve your business goals. The JS Virtual Bookkeeping team can collaborate with you and your company as your accounting partners thanks to the numerous access points and practical features.
It is our recommended accounting platform at JS Virtual Bookkeeping and is all you need to run your company. We can work together effortlessly as Xero-certified advisors, assist in automating bookkeeping and accounting duties, and ultimately change how your company operates.
A single platform made possible by Xero Accounting & Bookkeeping Software makes it simple for small business owners and their advisors to collaborate virtually. You can select the individuals you wish to grant access to your financial information, then log in and view the same numbers simultaneously without any complicated problems.

Why Go for Xero?

Making the switch to Xero entitles you to the following advantages of cloud-based accounting: 

  • Online access to your company’s financial data on any device from any location 
  • The ability to use online payment methods and submit invoices while on the road 
  • Monitoring your stock and keeping track of your inventory 
  • A more straightforward working relationship between you and your bookkeeper

As the cloud hosts it, Xero Software allows you to run real-time data and ensures that your financial records are updated constantly. As such, you can work remotely or in an office and access your data anytime, from any location. 

For everything, JS Virtual Bookkeeping is your local specialist. Our vast knowledge and competence in helping clients with Xero accounting enable us to be Xero Partners. Along with your Xero Certified Advisors, we can provide you with additional value and perks.

Our staff of Xero Certified Advisors can support you at every stage, from signup to continuing Xero help. We will collaborate with you to identify the ideal fit, as it is the foundation of our partnership approach. This will save your time as well as money increasing productivity and reducing errors. We can deliver accurate and up-to-date financial information to our clients using Xero, which relieves us of the responsibility of delivering compliance-based accounting. Alternatively, we might focus on offering support that helps our clients expand their enterprises. We will collaborate with you to identify the ideal Xero solution to meet your needs because we are aware that no one solution is appropriate for every situation. We also make sure that every member of our accounting team has earned a complete Xero certification, which allows them to stay current with all of the program’s many updates.

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